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Rare & Collectible Books










Nusit Chindarsi – The Religion of the Hmong Njua

 This book is based on a field study of Hmong communities in Thailand from 1964 to 1967. Chapters include subjects such as Shaman Spirits, Communication with the Supernatural, Ceremonies and Beliefs, Marriage Negotiation, and much more. This is a First Edition paperback copy published in 1976 by the Siam Society in Bangkok. Price: 1,200 baht




Nick Brandt – A Shadow Falls

In this book Nick Brandt continues his ambitious and ongoing photographic project to memorialize the vanishing natural grandeur of East Africa. Brandt’s widescreen panoramas of animals and landscapes capture an epic vision of Africa that has not been seen before. His iconic portraits of its majestic animals are filled with an empathy usually reserved for human subjects. This is a large hardcover edition published in 2009 by Abrams. Price: 890 baht


Portraits of the Masters: Bronze Sculptures of the Tibetan Buddhist Lineages

This gorgeously illustrated book, edited by Donald Dinwiddie, unfolds pictorial history of a dynamic and living religious tradition. A catalogue of 108 portrait bronzes of great masters of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, it presents an innovative history of these teaching lineages based on and illustrated by the collection. This is a large hardcover edition published in 2003 by Scrindia Publications. Price: 2,900 baht


Shiro Shirahata – Nepal Himalaya

This book of photographs showcases Nepal, both its amazing mountains and its resilient people. The book is divided into various regions (Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Manaslu, Annapurna, etc.) that vividly illustrate the beauty of the country. This is a large hardcover edition published in 1985 by Allied Publishers. Price: 1,200 baht


John Hoskin & Manop Boonyavatana - Buddha Images in the Grand Palace

Buddhism and the monarchy have defined and guided the Thai nation throughout its history. Both are emphatically symbolized by the Grand Palace and its royal chapel, the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Grand Palace contains many treasures, not least the countless Buddha statues that have been consecrated by or presented to the Kings of the dynasty. Most of these magnificent Buddhas, however, are enshrined in the private apartments of the Palace and thus ordinarily hidden from public gaze. This book presents a rich and detailed look at these rare royal treasures and offers a fascinating insight into their historical, ceremonial and spiritual value. This is a large hardcover edition, housed inside a sturdy slipcase, published in 1994. Price: 3,900 baht


The Mrabri: Studies in the Field

This book is actually part of the Siam Society’s Journal series, published in October 1963. This volume details the second expedition to the Mrabri, or “Khon Pa”, of North Thailand., written by J. J. Boeles in January 1963. This book is illustrated with black & white photographs and also includes fold-out maps. This is large paperback edition, in very good condition, published by the Siam Society. Price: 1,200 baht


Michael Hitchcock & Lucy Norris – Bali the Imaginary Museum: The Photographs of Walter Spies and Beryl de Zoete

Photography has long been associated with travel in Bali, and the images favored by the tourism industry were often those that dwelt with the exotic and more extreme aspects of the indigenous culture. Walter Spies, a German artist who lived on the island in the inter-war years, challenged the more lurid aspects of Bali’s image, and together with British writer Beryl de Zoete helped to transform Bali’s image in the eyes of the West. In this book, the authors present many hitherto unpublished photographs dealing with rural life in Bali, the dance-drama traditions of the island, as well as a series showing Spies and de Zoete conducting research in Bali. This is a hardcover edition published in 1995 by Oxford University Press. Price: 1,900 baht


Raghu Rai – Taj Mahal

This volume of Raghu Rai’s photographic portraits of the Taj Mahal blends the romance with reality, combining India’s timeless, life, light and landscape with surrealistic glimpses of this remarkable mausoleum and its architectural magnificence. This is a large hardcover edition published in 1986 by Times Editions. Price: 1,500 baht


Robert F. Lane – Philippine Basketry: An Appreciation

In this comprehensive presentation of the art of basketry in the Philippines, the author offers the idea that “basketry is the perfect exponent of the Filipino people. It takes a variety of materials that have nurtured their life in the soil and sun --- simple materials that were often taken for granted or neglected before are now brought into new relationships with one another. Defying classification, a new product is formed to exemplify or interpret the people behind them. Woven with simplicity and directness and appearing clever and complex, here are the products championing the cause of the people who have done what they can and must do with their wills and with their own hands.” The book is illustrated with hundreds of photos, examples of various styles of baskets and basketry items. A glossary and index is also included. This is a hardcover edition published in 1986 by Bookmark Inc. Price: 390 baht



Hans Kemp – Vietnam

This book contains most of the photographs that Hans Kemp used under the original Design Vietnam label, the postcards that appeared in the spring of 1994. Kemp traveled extensively around Vietnam, capturing a variety of striking scenes, people, and places. The images in this book are divided into five chapters, roughly dividing Vietnam into five regions. This is a hardcover edition published in 1998 by Visionary World Publications. Price: 390 baht



Andrew W. Mitchell – The Enchanted Canopy: Secrets from the Rainforest Roof

This book is both a personal journey through the rainforest and a tribute to Andrew Mitchell’s fellow explorers. It is also a celebration of an extraordinary part of our natural heritage which is under threat, and the race is on to try to understand how rainforests work before it is too late. This edition includes a foreword by Gerald Durrell. This is a hardcover edition published in 1986 by Collins. Price: 390 baht


Negretti/Nencini – Masters of Time

This book is dedicated to all collectors and lovers of beautiful objects, and to all those who view the watch as being not only an instrument for measuring time, but one that is worthy of their most avid interest. For this volume over 300 splendid collectors watches have been grouped together. This is a First Edition hardcover edition published in 1986 by Editoriale Wrist. Price: 1,200 baht




From the Hands of the Hills

This book is a detailed record of traditional hill tribe handicrafts, the product of ten years’ intensive research in the remote areas in Northern Thailand where the tribes build their villages. It is both history and a pictorial record of some unique skills which are disappearing as the impact of the 20th century society reaches into the hills. This book was written by Margaret Campbell and Nakorn Pongnoi with photographs by Chusak Voraphitak. This is a hardcover edition published in 1978 by Media Transasia. This is some water damage on a few inside pages, but otherwise the book is in good condition. Price: 890 baht



Matthieu Ricard/Olivier and Danielle Follmi - Buddhist Himalayas: People, Faith and Nature

This spectacular book invites the reader on a journey to a faraway exotic land --- and into one’s heart and soul. The authors’ profound intimacy with their subject is immediately apparent in these awe-inspiring images. The photographs of the majestic Himalayan landscape and the Tibetan people are accompanied by contributions from 21 eminent specialists on the region. This is a large hardcover edition published by Thames & Hudson in 2002. Price: 2,900 baht




The Tropical Garden: Gardens in Thailand, Southeast Asia and the Pacific

This beautiful compendium presents a selection of the most beautiful tropical gardens in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bali, and even Hawaii. For this revised edition, writer William Warren, a widely recognized authority on the subject, and the internationally renowned photographer Luca Invernizzi Tettoni have added a number of magnificent new gardens. This is a large hardcover edition published in 1997 by Thames and Hudson and Asia Books. Price: 890 baht



Simon Bonython – Bangkok City of Temples

A native of South Australia, the photographer has made Bangkok his home since the late 1960s. Impressed by the wide variety of spectacular natural scenery and amazing cultural diversity, Bonython was able to capture an array of engaging images. This is a hardcover edition published in 2008 by Amber House Books. Price: 1,500 baht



Tettoni and Warren – Thai Garden Style

Thailand is home to some of the world’s most stunning tropical gardens. This extraordinary book contains over 250 photographs that capture Thailand’s best gardens in fabulous color, describing over 30 of them in rich detail, also providing a historic overview of the Thai gardens and a section on tropical gardening ideas. This is a hardcover edition published in 1996 by Periplus Editions. Price: 590 baht




Simon Bonython - The Jatujak Market of Bangkok

In this book about Bangkok’s famous “weekend market” of Jatujak, photographer Simon Bonython presents his visual interpretation of this fascinating area, with emphasis on members of the public who visit the market and who work there. This is a numbered hardcover edition published in 2010 by Amber House Books. Price: 1,500 baht




Robert Powell – The Tropical Asian House

In this book the author argues for an inclusive concept of the contemporary tropical house and considers a range of houses --- from those that blend into the countryside and use traditional materials and no glazing, to those that are fully air-conditioned and inspired by current trends in architectural theory. This book explores how cultural influences, tradition, religion, western ideas, technology, and the forces of globalization fuse together to produce a contemporary tropical architecture. This is a large hardcover edition published in 1996 by Select Books and originally distributed by Asia Books in Thailand. Price: 890 baht




Jennifer Sharples – Thai Silk

This book affords a colorful and fascinating insight into a unique fabric that for centuries has been acclaimed as “The Queen of Textiles,” from the wealthy and powerful to the most humble people. A traditional Thai handicraft, silk is renowned for its myriad uses. Behind it all is a history as rich and exotic as silk fiber itself. This is a hardcover edition, illustrated with photographs from Amornrat Rifenberg, was published in 1994 by Post Books. Price: 1,200 baht


Gretchen Liu – Raffles Hotel

The long-established Raffles Hotel in Singapore has possessed an entirely unique character throughout its life. This updated second edition of Raffles Hotel traces the rich and colorful heritage of the famous hotel, celebrating both its evocative past and its charming present. This is a hardcover edition published in 2006 by Editions Didier Millet in Singapore. Price: 1,200 baht


Somjai Reiss – My Beloved Thailand

This book is a collection of watercolor paintings by Somjai Reiss, a renowned Thai painter married to a German businessman. Her remarkable portrayals of Thai life and culture captivate everyone who discovers them. In this book, Somjai presents 130 paintings based on themes such as Temples and Pagoda, Marketplaces, Festivals, and Scenery. This is a hardcover edition published by the author in 1998. Price: 790 baht


Gerard Cubitt & Belinda Stewart-Cox – Wild Thailand

This magnificent natural history study explores the ever-changing aspects of Thailand’s wilderness areas and many of its national parks, while also looking at conservation issues. This editions is illustrated with over 400 color photographs. This is a hardcover edition published in 1995 by Asia Books in association with the Seub Nakhasathien Foundation. Price: 890 baht


Tettoni/Cassio/Warren – Thailand: a View from Above

This is a late 1980s look at Thailand from the air. Italian photographers Luca Invernizzi Tettoni and Alberto Cassio combine with Bangkok-based writer William Warren to produce a fascinating book that offers a unique perspective of the kingdom. This is a 1990 hardcover edition published by Times Editions in Singapore. Price: 890 baht


Karst in China

Illustrated with Color and Black & White photographs, this book examines the main karst types of carbonate rocks found in China. This book was compiled by the Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology at the Chinese Academy of Geological Scienes. This is a hardcover edition published by Shanghai People’s Publishing House in 1976. Price: 390 baht




William Warren/Luca Invernizzi Tettoni – Balinese Gardens

Lavishly illustrated with over 300 photographs, this book captures the lush volcanic landscapes and gardens of the magic isle, gardens which are further enhanced by traditional ornamental sculpture, tranquil ponds, fountains, and sacred springs. This book is a delight for anyone with an interest in tropical plants and landscape design, as well for everyone who has been entranced by the natural beauty of this remarkable island. This is a large hardcover edition published in 1997 by Periplus Editions. Price: 390 baht



Dean Armstrong – Spirit of Angkor

These emotionally compelling images of Angkor Wat and Khmer traditional dancers are poetically woven together. The photographer has used the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, Camdodia’s heart, as a backdrop to photographically etch the spirit of the apsara, the country’s national soul, into photographs that transcend, mystify, and fascinate. This is a hardcover edition published in 2002. Price: 390 baht

Pavle Kovac – Couleurs D’Asie

The is the French language edition of Kovac’s collection of photographs from Asian countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This hardcover edition is housed in a sturdy cardboard red slipcase. This edition was published in 2007 by Hexart Publishing. NOTE: The cover pictured here is not the same as the one in stock. Price: 590 baht




Land of Nine Dragons: Vietnam Today

In chapters organized geographically --- beginning in Hanoi, working south toward Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and ending in the Mekong Delta --- the author and the photographer explore the country through first-hand encounters with Vietnamese of every sort, showing Vietnam in a 1990s context. The text in this book was written by Joseph R. Yogerst and photographs were taken by Nevada Wier. This is a large hardcover edition published in 1992 by Abbeville Press. Price: 390 baht



Tettoni/Warren - Thai Style

Thai Style, so vividly revealed in its architecture and interiors, is the product of a distinctive landscape, a skillful use of varied influences, and a history unique among the peoples of Southeast Asia. A concise introduction by William Warren places Thai design in context and adds another dimension to our understanding of Thai culture. This volume also features over 350 color photographs by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni that present a luminous vision of this distinctive style. This is a hardcover edition published by Asia Books in 1988. Price: 790 baht



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