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Selling & Exchanging CDs

Dasa is now selling and selectively buying secondhand music CDs.

The price we pay depends on the condition of the CD and jewel case, as well as the original list price of the CD and the demand for the title. Generally, cash price paid can range from 20-80 per disc, with higher prices paid for some multi-disc sets. We don't take everything, so before bringing any CDs to the shop please send us an e-mail with a list of titles that you have.  

Sorry, but we cannot play any of the CDs in the shop or allow you to listen to them before making a selection. All CDs are sold “as is” and cannot be returned for cash refunds. However, if you want to return a CD within 30 days of the purchase date, we offer a half-price store credit of the purchase price that can be used for additional purchases. If there is damage to the jewel case or disc you will not receive full exchange credit.

NOTE: If selling CDs or books for cash a Photo ID of some type (passport, driving license, etc.) is required at time of payment. We need to make a photocopy of the ID for accounting and Department of Revenue purposes. 

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