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Selling & Exchanging Books
Don't wait!
If books purchased from Dasa are returned more than 6 months after the purchase date, or if the book condition has worsened enough to warrant a price reduction, you will NOT receive full exchange credit, and it's possible we may not take the book back at all. 
Exchanging/Trading Books, and selling for Cash:

You can bring your books to exchange for credit at our shop. However, we buy books selectively and don't take all titles. If we have too many copies of certain titles, if the book is in poor condition, if it's a photocopied version, or if it's an edition that is difficult to sell (we sometimes decline jumbo-sized paperback and hardcover editions if the book is in a fiction category) we may not take it. 

We do not offer any type of 1-for-1 or 2-for-1 swapping system. We have to look at each book individually to determine the value and calculate a price in Thai baht.  You can use this credit amount to buy additional books, CDs, or even coffee in our shop. The amount we offer will depend on factors such as the book’s condition, the edition size, and the original publisher's list price. This amount can usually be about 10-20% of the original retail price of the book. 
As for selling books, the same conditions apply. The amount paid in cash is about 20% less than the amount you will receive for store credit.

NOTE: If you are selling books for cash you MUST bring a photo ID to the shop to receive payment. We need to make a photocopy of the ID for Accounting and Department of Revenue purposes.


Exchanging books that were bought from Dasa:

You can bring books that were bought from us back to exchange for other titles. In most cases, we will give you a store credit of up to 50% of the price you paid at Dasa. However, that amount may be less is the book condition has deteriorated since purchase. If your dog (or small child) happened to take a bite out of the cover, or if you happened to drop the book in the toilet (or the neigborhood klong) while reading, the value will decline significantly.

If you decide not to use all the credit within the same day, we can issue a credit note for you to use later. There is no expiration date. If, however, you decide that you want the remaining balance in cash, we can do that for you, but remember the cash price is 20% less than the credit amount. We keep a copy of each credit note on file, so if you lose your copy we will have a record of it. If, however, we can't find a "lost" copy on file, we will assume that it's been used already.


Note: If books are returned more than one year after the purchase date, they are not eligible for our normal "half-price back" exchange credit, and may be refused if the book condition has deteriorated noticeably.
In most cases, travel guidebooks are non-returnable.
Selling your books for cash:

Please call ahead or send us an e-mail if you have a large quantity of books for sale. Depending on our cash flow, and the time of year (many customers tend to sell books when moving at the end of the year and during summer months) we may or may not be able to accommodate large numbers of books at one time (more than 200 books, for example).
If you have books to sell, please do NOT send us photos. Instead, we suggest that you e-mail us a list of the books that you have. We can check the titles and send you a quick reply to let you know which books we can take. Please send the list as an Excel or Word file, or paste it into the body of the e-mail. Please do NOT send the list as PDF file or other other format. On the list please include the author name and book title, and also indicate if the book is a hardcover or oversize/jumbo edition. We do not need ISBN numbers or publishing dates (except in the case of guidebooks). 
The price we pay for books depends on the book condition and the original publisher's list price. This price can range from 10-60 baht for standard "pocket" size paperbacks, and 50-100 baht for larger "trade" size paperbacks. Hardcover books can command higher prices if the title is a rare one or the list price is higher than normal.

No Bargaining:

Except for very large purchases (more than 100 books), we do not offer further discounts on books. You want a discount for buying two books? Uh ... no. 

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