Mail Order

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* Kerry Express orders can be shipped the same day if payment is received before 2:00 pm. Otherwise, the order will be shipped the next day after you have provided us with proof of payment.
* Registered Thai Post orders will be shipped only twice each week; on Tuesday and Friday. Proof of payment must be confirmed before shipping.

* If the order is pre-paid, the customer is also welcome to arrange pickup with the delivery app of their choice.

We can ship only to addresses in Thailand. Sorry, but we do not accept credit or debit cards, PayPal, US dollars or Lao kip.

All book orders must be pre-paid by bank transfer to our Bangkok Bank account (details given at order confirmation) before shipping.

E-mail us at with the list of books that you would like to order. You can download our current list of books in stock via the "DasaBase" link on our website, or you can click the "Complete List" under the "Books in Stock" section.

Sorry but we can NOT send photos of any books you want to order. 

For fast and accurate service, please include details of the order in your mail (you can copy the book number, title, and author name from our booklist). For example:

055722 Anholt, Simon Brand America   Business    270
058379 Herriot, James Vet in a Spin   Animals    150
072477 Christie, Agatha 4.50 from Paddington   Mystery    290
074821 Seagrave, Sterling & Peggy Yamato Dynasty, the   History    190
065937 Pratchett, Terry Men at Arms   Sci-Fi/Fantasy    350

Please also include your shipping address with Postal code and telephone number.

After we have received your request we will confirm your order by e-mail and give you the grand total.  This amount (total cost of books plus shipping & handling) should be transferred to our bank account in Bangkok. We will furnish you with those details when you place your order.

After we have confirmed the bank deposit, we will ship the books to you. All book orders are usually shipped the following business day, unless that day happens to fall on a national holiday or weekend.

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards or use services such as PayPal.